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Uploading a File to SQL Server via Silverlight, WCF and EF
Note: Some of the code presented here does not conform to standard security practices. The goal is to show the relevant methods to accomplish the requirements, not to present a production-ready solution. The requirements: ü Upload individual large files...
Entity Framework ObservableCollection Add Method - Unexpected Behavior
The documentation for Collection<T>.Add specifically states that when calling the Add method, the new item is appended to the end of the collection. This is not necessarily true. I haven't tested it in all it's incarnations yet but it appears to...
Using the BackgroundWorker in a Silverlight MVVM Application
With Silverlight 4 and the Entity Framework you get a lot of work done on your behalf in terms of standard UI CRUD-style operations. Validations and I/O are pretty easy to accommodate out of the box. But sometimes you need to perform some long running...
Silverlight Adventures - The Process So Far
I’m currently in the process of rebuilding my Silverlight application. The initial beta of this app was somewhat underwhelming in that the problems it solved were those I found most interesting, not necessarily those the beta testers were looking for...
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