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Silverlight 2 Drag and Scroll Image
This is somewhat based on Shawn Wildermuth’s blog post for drag and drop. I had two problems with his post. I’m not scrolling a canvas. If your mouse leaves the control with the button down you are still dragging when your mouse reenters the control....
Silverlight 2 Sys.InvalidOperationException: ImageError error #4001 in control Xaml1
I got this last night while trying to load 2,150 images into a grid. I’m working on a map tiling control for my application because the maps are very large and custom stitched for my application. Incidentally, when loaded up, my IE windows consumes 1...
Calculating Distances Between Latitude and Longitude – T-SQL – Haversine
I’ve got lots of lat/long information for my Silverlight 2 application and I’m now tinkering with getting the elevation view working in my spare time. The problem is that the distances are very small and the haversine formulae I’ve located on the internet...
Looking for the Groove Again
I spent quite a bit of time working SharePoint both in an independent project and bug-fixing other people’s work over the last six or seven months. Once you get the paradigm down, it’s not too bad but not exactly a barrel of laughs either. You spend equal...
Posted: Feb 06 2009, 02:21 PM by axshon
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