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Using SQL Metal To Get Connected with Linq
SQLMetal.exe is the command line tool that will allow you to very quickly spin up the object model you'll need to connect from your SQL Server database via Linq. Here are the basics of using SQLMetal. Take a look at this text file , the output from executing...
Creating and Deploying a Simple Feature
I found this a week or so ago, lost it and then found it again. At only 29 minutes, its an ideal starter for a develper with my background to create, deploy and activate a feature for a site or site collection. Well spoken and concise with a lot of bits...
Free SharePoint and Workflow Training
I started looking into this guy a week or so ago and have been very impressed with the volume of training info he is either responsible for or finds. I haven't gotten too deeply into any of it yet but it seems pretty well targeted for what I'm doing these...
SharePoint Server Deployment Plan MPP
Joel Oleson, on the SharePoint Team Blog has posted a sample deployment plan for a MOSS installation. Looks pretty comprehensive. http://blogs.msdn.com/sharepoint/archive/2007/10/05/office-sharepoint-server-deployment-plan-sample.aspx At a glance: - 6...
Interactive Developer Maps
I believe that as you age in the software development business, you start realizing that there is very little new in the world. This means that for someone like me who doesn't read very fast and has kids who need shoes, the desire to go out and purchase...
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