ReSharper Appreciation Day

Honestly, every day is ReSharper Appreciation Day, but I appreciate it most when I can't use it. I feel physically ill. I'm not kidding. I can't think of a single product that's ever made me so productive[1]. Trying to get anything done without it is like running backward through mud with my hands tied behind my back while balancing a school bus on my nose. Awful.

I get giddy like a schoolgirl with a new dolly when I get to share the my joy with someone that hasn't used it yet. Even people that usually have the "just give me VS and leave me alone" attitude (including me) love it. It's so many things to so many people. It's everything to me.

ReSharper is so great that the Delfonics wrote a record for it. Dy-no-mite!

[1] I do mean product, not technology. .NET still holds the extra-special place in my heart


  • Agreed! I can't wait to see IDE built by JetBrains. I may forget VS name some day :)

  • I hear ya, Jeff. ReSharper has all the features that should have been in Visual Studio in the first place. It not only makes coding productive, but also a hell of a lot of fun.

  • Every heard of Visual Assist X? Give it a try.

  • woo hoo i'll install that tomorrow.

  • Agreed. The only other product that I feel just as strongly about is TiVo. I can't even think of a third, no matter how distant.

  • > One of the most powerful and helpful features in ReSharper is its ability to quickly detect and highlight errors in code, without the need to compile it. ReSharper automatically analyzes your code while you work and will highlight a variety of possible syntax or logical errors. It can also detect and emphasize statements or constructs that you should be warned about (e.g., unused or uninitialized variables).


    Sarcasm aside, I would like a version of Resharper for

  • Absolutely, the new 1.5 beta is srunning as well - the ability to extract interfaces, implement base just fantastic.

    Also saves some brain-storage with the insert using function (which was always there but is just the BEST feature)

  • I installed the 1.5 beta but completely forgot to check out the new features. While not usually a keyboard elitist, I use all of ReSharper's features exclusively from the keyboard, so I didn't see all of the new goodies.

    Insert using: yes! I gave an exhaustive overview of ReSharper yesterday and completely forgot that one! It's so hard to remember everything....

  • Ok- just installed this based on your somewhat forceful endorsement and I just have one question:

    Why in the heck is this not being advertised on TV, cereal boxes, men's bathrooms walls and various other places??

  • Hear hear!

    I've been using it since it's early days (releases 40-something), and it just gets better.

    The only hope is that JetBrains will continue to improve it whilst their onto VS2005 and their own IDE.

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