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  • Offshore this, Earthlink

    I've been a very happy Earthlink/Mindspring customer for years -- until today. My service has been down for 19 hours and I tried calling for help twice. Both times I didn't talk to the tech support guys for more than a minute. I had no idea what they were saying. I believe they were speaking English, but some dialect that I just can't understand. Problem not solved, buh-bye Earthlink.

    Countless articles detail how call center folks in other countries learn English, take American names and so on. Why don't they take my calls? There's nothing more frustrating than making 58 menu selections and waiting fifteen minutes to talk to someone that I can't understand. Twice.

    After the final call, I dialed Comcast and bought their high-speed cable internet package. Install guy's going to be here tomorrow morning. Now that's service!


  • Be aware, carb watchers

    While at Subway buying a carbalicious footlong sub this afternoon, I noticed a bag of carb-friendly Doritos. Diet fads are always good for a quick chuckle and these Doritos didn't disappoint. 1/2 the fat, 1/2 the carbs, etc. But wait, there's more! Oops, I mean less. The bag weighed in at one ounce. That's 40+% less than the other bag.

    Net reduction of bad stuff: 10%.

    What I found most interesting, though, was that the bag was the same size and shape as the “bad” chips -- both are filled with enough air to make it look like you're getting the same amount of chips in each bag. It honestly felt like there were four or five chips in the “good” bag. Nice.


  • Happy Independence Day to me

    I just noticed that my DSL connection is running at 300+ kB/s -- I'd never gone over 160 before. Now I feel like I need to find big things to download (I've already grabbed the VS2k5 beta), much like I feel I need to print things when I get a new printer, download fancy game demos when I get a new video card, etc.

    Thanks, Earthlink!