Identity Crisis- What IS my name?

I have been asked a gazillion times: “is it Julie or Julia?” And I was recently told [by the very confused, considering how darned smart he is, Jon Box] that I should blog this. So here is the answer.

I am “Julia on paper” - birth certificate, business cards, bank accounts, credit cards and every where else that I try to give the impression of being a grown up. It's my real official name.

But I have been called “Julie” my entire life. So that is what I refer to myself and what I am used to being called.

If you saw me on the street, or perhaps across a crowded room at PDC and called “Hey, Julia!”, chances are that I won't even turn my head, as it won't even register that someone is calling me.


  • I was in a similar boat, but alas I didn't meet with as much success as you did. I was "Raymond" on paper, but "Ray" in person. People couldn't handle that (they would do things like address letters to "Ray" instead of "Raymond") so I just switched to "Raymond everywhere". Now the only people who call me "Ray" are family.

  • How about if we just call out "Hey! Julie...uh!" just to cover all bases? ;-)

    I was wondering when you'd get around to explaining this.

  • I am Jennifer on paper, but go by three names -- Jen, Jenny and Jennifer. My family and long-time friends call me Jenny, professional colleagues call me Jennifer and everyone calls me Jen :-)!
    - J

  • Rick - That's my husband's standby line, too (just don't call me late for dinner.). What an old fashioned guy! :-)

  • This is funny. Mark Rosenberg and I were just having this conversation about you.... I call you Julia and he calls you Julie and we were wondering what was correct.... I guess now we know...

    Daniel - In California

    Dan or Danny - In Chicago.

    My family and friends from back home refuse to call me Daniel. ;)

  • When I saw this I just had to read it as well. I also wondered which name was right for you. I had been calling you Julia and Greg and David etc. called you Julie. Then your e-mail was always signed Julie. So now I understand, however what still remains is do I go by Pat or Patrick.........

  • I introduce myself as Michael but I let people call me Michael, Mike, or michka -- and then if it is anything other than #1 or in a few select cases #3 I silently judge them for their choice. :-)

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