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Yesterday I posted about almost burning my house down because of a li-po battery and my ignorance. In the post I captured the emotion I felt at the time by using the words OH FUCK. The thought of a fire in my family's home with my daughter and my immediate family brought nightmares to mind. So I posted about it and how to avoid such situations. But I got this response:

"Does this really belong on the main weblogs.asp.net page? Please use some discretion, especially if you choose to put profanity into your post."

To this I have no retort.The first thing that came to mind was "wow, what a pussy..". I've been posting here since 2003 when this blog was given to me and before it was part of the asp.net website. I would love to focus on .Net in all of my posts but do you really need to read another post about web 2.0 and AJAX? Do you really need another "Top 10 Best Programming Practices" by Joe Nobody? Do we really need to go over the stuff that is written in plain english in the .Net documentation just one more time?

This response also begs the question - Do I need to edit my own thoughts because someone may get offended?

So on the train this morning I got to thinking.. (Dangerous I know, but I can't help it.).. I realized how much of this is bullshit. I'm one of a million blogs spouting off into the void about myself and all of this material is bound to be sent to the bit bucket and never read again. At first I was going to setup a blog at my own website but I have decided that I refuse to be part of this circle-jerk any longer. The greatest in computing don't sit on the top of the mountain and preach about how to program, they DO. They take action. Donald Knuth doesn't even use email! One of the greatest minds in computing and somehow he manages to not even use email, let alone have a blog or podcast. Linus Torvald, a man that changes the world of computing more each day doesn't even have a website! If they can do without well I think I can too.

Now I will crawl back into the low place that I came from, to hang out with foul mouthed geniuses, the scourge of internet society, and the wreckers of all that is good. Have a good one.

PS. Don't take this as "I'm going home and I'm taking my ball with me!", instead take this as "I need to be more focused in what I do".


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