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  • SD Camera

    How's this for cool? An SD slot camera...It's sold out until September, but this sure beats the sleeve cameras that have been out for pocket pc's in the past.

  • PPC RSS Aggregator

    After about a month of working on it off and on, my PocketPC RSS aggregator actually is functional...I'm still deciding whether or not the client will just be ie on the PPC, or if I'll also make a CF client reader. (I probably will).  It's fully coded in .NET, of course...

  • RE: RSS...Authentication...and why?

    In EPorter's post , he mentions the issue of RSS authentication, to get to personal information.  Why shouldn't we be able to secure content via server tools (although I do think this should be extended into the RSS / XXXX specs)?

  • Multithreading in .NET

    While trying to write my latest app, I've discovered some more about divergence between Java and .NET.  I'm writing a multithreaded app, only to uncover that .NET parent threads don't “own” their child threads (!).  So, what are other peoples' experiences with threading books for .NET? The only one I've come across so far is Alan Dennis' “.NET Multithreading” but that seems to have gotten mixed reviews over at amazon.  Is his the authoritative source, or are there better?

  • Blogging about Blogs

    As a relative newcomer into the blogging scene, I see the mammoth presences of the giants.  They are those who get loads of visitors, whether by word of mouth, or through OEM (so to speak) inclusion via such programs as the wickedly fast SharpReader.  I wonder just how to attract readers so to actually have an impact through writings.  Today Dave Winer of Scripting News posted an essay about pointers (anchors).

    I must admit that while I don't agree with some of the things he has to say, this point is perfectly on target.  The article, titled “Pointers Are Cheap,” touches briefly on the issue of journalistic integrity, but the greater point is the fact that links in articles are 99% more likely to produce results that the end user is interested in.  They are reading the article because it is of interest, therefore, the link may be of use to them as well (NB: made-up statistic). 

  • C# System Tray Winforms

    I just got tired of writing separate System Tray winforms, even though the article at Code Project makes it pretty easy. So, I'm writing a generic SystemTrayApplication, which will hopefully be up here sometime tonight or tomorrow.  Thanks to Scott for providing the blog space (after goading me for months to finally give in and use the application :) )  I must admit it makes me less of a hypocrite than to be an ASP.NET developer using Movable Type.