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  • Microsoft PDC

    I'll of course be attending the Microsoft PDC conference in LA, although I've been late in posting it.  I can't wait! Especially the attendee party at Universal Studios...

    This will be my first “real” tech conference, and already I'm overwhelmed by the diversity of the courses offered.

    I've been given a few suggestions, and have seen a few more about tips for conferences such as these:  bring plenty of business & personal cards, take some candy between sessions to stay energized, and don't just stick to the courses  you knkow about.  (Personally, I'm dying to check out what Avalon is all about, as I like to try my hand at winforms in my “spare” time).

    It'll also be interesting to match names and faces of some of these people that I read everyday (Scoble et. al.)

    It'll give me a chance to catch up with Doug Reilly as well.