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  • Web, WinForms, and ???

    During the final breakout session I attended, Rocking the web with ASP.NET, the last question asked by the attendees was whether the winform and the web worlds would totally converge, now that we have an abstracted user interface model.  Scott Guthrie's response was that he didn't see this happening in the Whidbey timeframe, but he believes with the next version of VS (”Orcas,” from the future products timeline; not mentioned by name at the PDC to my knowledge) would allow for 3 user interface models. One would support fully rich user interfaces, and be the complete Longhorn/Avalon experience.  One would allow for total ubiquity of platform for the client.  And one would support “adaptive” rendering to the client. This should be relatively easy now that they have XAML/BAML.  Point towards resources (images, movies, behaviors), and the client will figure out how it can best show those resources to the end user based on the specs of the machine it's running on.  In conversations throughout the week, DonXML was speculating about the timeframe; it seemed a natural course, now that Microsoft has brought the User Interface into the XML world. Only time will tell; the popularity of Longhorn will determine how long those legacy platforms have to be supported.

  • VS.NET Whidbey First Impressions

    First install of VS Whidbey, and what do I discover? Web projects are not considered normal “projects” anymore.  Under File->New, the first two are Project and Web Site. The only web project in the first option is Web Control Library. Also, upon choosing Web Services, Visual Basic and J# are there (as well as C#), even though I chose not to install VB or J# during the install.

  • PDC Remarks - An Open Letter to MS

    Throughout the conference, my view on Microsoft and their policies towards developers has changed a great deal.  I had always pictured them as aloof, just wanting to make their products the best they could, and release them to the public, and leaving the support to MS support services.  OK, I was half right.  What they really want is for the developer community to help them find out what the best product is, and make it for the public. 

  • MS "Media2Go"

    At the CES 2003 show, MS revealed their prototype for their Media2Go device.  It seems to be running on a scaled down version of  XP MCE. Full article by Paul Thurrot is available here.

  • Codename "MONAD"

    In one of the most overlooked cool things at the PDC (in my opinion, anyway), the new Command Shell that will be in Longhorn blew me away when I saw it.  I walked up to the booth asking if unix-like file aliases would be in the new shell, and was given a demo by the team that had my mind racing.

  • Near the PDC

    Well, after an interesting flight (big fire near LA; we couldn't see ANYTHING out the plane for around 5 minutes), Scott, Doug, DonXML, and I made it to our hotels.  I have pictures from my camera at my moblog at if anyone's interested.  Off to watch the World Series game 6 now, at another conference hotel.  Westin Bonaventure seems pretty good so far.

  • Using Windows Server 2003 As Dev

    While trying to program ASP.NET, I used my copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise to make my laptop into one smoking loaded development machine.  And it was good.  But as soon as I tried to install the Virtual PC drivers (needed to run the pocket pc emulator), it failed, saying that the likely culprit was that I was not an administrator (I am).

  • Preventing Postbacks on the Client Side

    Have you ever had the desire to prevent a form from posting back if certain conditions were met on a form? Suitable reasons would be for pages that send a large amount of data to/from the server on postback.  My first thought was that this could be handled by adding an OnSubmit to the form tag using the Form.Attributes.Add() method, but I found that whatever I added through codebehind was put in execution order AFTER the submit method.

  • XP MCE 2004

    A CNET video shows the recently released Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004.  They cleaned up the UI, and added a few more features, along with the stability that is XP. Highlights: XPMCE - “Is it chocolate or is it peanut butter? ... It's both” --Rick Thompson, corp vice president