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Force IE7 Compatibility Mode in IE8 with IIS settings by joelvarty

There a ton of examples on the web of how you can force IE8 into IE7 compatibility mode using a meta tag in the header.  This tag needs to be first in the <head> (before any css): <meta http-equiv= "X-UA-Compatible" content= "IE...

Don’t use alert() on AJAX webservice errors! by joelvarty

Even if you want the user to be notified of the fact that an AJAX webservice call has errored out, don’t use an alert() to do it. Why?  Lots of reasons… here are a few: If you have one of more calls that error out before the user can dismiss the...
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LINQ-SQL – Incorrect results from Count() from Lambda expressions by joelvarty

Check out the following C# code:   using (MyDataContext db = new MyDataContext()) { int count1 = db.MyTable.Count(t=> t.IsActive == true ); int count2 = db.MyTable.Select(t => t.IsActive == true ).Count(); }   Judging by you what you see...
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Mini Video Game Review: Flower (PS3) by joelvarty

I have never done a game review on here before, but I downloaded this game on the weekend and my daughter and I played through a few levels. My daughter loves video games as much as I do, and its a real challenge to get game-time with her where we're...
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