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  • Conditional Project Reference

    I develop a lot of different applications. They range from large inventory tracking websites, to Windows services, to user interfaces encapsulating scripts written by someone else. I get asked to make many different things. It can sometimes be difficult to keep from reinventing the wheel in different projects. So it's very useful to maintain a common library to reference from the different projects. Regardless of what you keep in the library, utilities, base classes, or the dreaded "helper methods", it does become challenging to work with.

  • Automating ClickOnce Deployment

    Building a ClickOnce deployment outside of Visual Studio can be a difficult task. One point I want to make clear is that there is no magic going on to make your application deployable using ClickOnce. Well, unless you are using the tooling inside of Visual Studio, in which case there is a lot of magic happening. Much to its credit, Visual Studio does make it very easy to setup and publish a ClickOnce deployment for your application. That said, my suggestion would be to just use Visual Studio if it fits your workflow. However, if you need a fully automated solution to create a ClickOnce deployment outside of Visual Studio, then continue reading. In my environment, my builds are automated using NAnt, which are then built on a build server using CruseControl.Net.