MSNBC News Aggregator

Check out the MSNBC Beta News Aggregator page: Newsbot. Similar to Google News - which, interestingly enough, is still in beta. 

From the Newsbot about page:

The MSNBC Newsbot (beta), powered by MSN Search Technology, is an experimental, automated news service. Newsbot gathers news from over 4,800 sources on the Internet to speed your discovery of the information you care about most. Enter a topic, interest, or news story you want to learn more about and MSNBC Newsbot will bring you up-to-the-minute coverage from around the Internet. Newsbot is built on advanced computer algorithms to determine which stories and photos are most relevant, most popular, and to recommend stories to individual readers based on their interests.

Newsbot clusters related news headlines and photos to allow you to compare coverage from multiple sources. Each story links to the publisher's site where you can read the article in full. As news changes, Newsbot continuously updates to keep you current on what stories are being reported around the world. You can search to find news related to particular topics, or browse the sections to find news in Sports, Business, Technology, or World News.

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