Splitting DotNetRocks MP3 files

If you too like to listen to DNR in MP3 format but would like the files split into smaller files, this may help you. My car cd player can play MP3's, but if I switch CD's (or even tracks) part way through, I have to hold down the fast forward button for 10 minutes to get back to where I was at. I had a cool freeware program that did it, but when DNR switched to VBR format the freeware program choked. Here's the solution I found:

http://mp3splt.sourceforge.net/ - open source command line program to split MP3 files. latest version handles VBR.

The commands for mp3splt are true to sourceforge form - not too user-friendly. Here's a batch file that will process all MP3's in a directory (assumes mp3splt installed in default dir, new DNR MP3's go in c:\dotnetrocks\fresh\, and split ones go in c:\dotnetrocks\split\):

cd \
cd C:\Program Files\mp3\mp3splt-1.9\
for %%f in (c:\dotnetrocks\fresh\*.mp3) do mp3splt -f -t 1.30 %%f -a gap=15,th=0.82 -q -d c:\dotnetrocks\split\

I know this ain't no .NET solution, but it works. I messed with a custom one for a while, but it turns out splitting MP3's - especially VBR ones - without artifacts at the split points is not super simple.


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