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  • Getting Mono compiler output in a web application using StreamReportPrinter

    I've been continuing my experiment with Mono's compiler as a service in an ASP.NET MVC application and making pretty good progress. One of the difficulties I ran into along the way was in troubleshooting compiler errors when I'd deployed the application. Almost all of the content and documentation on Mono.CSharp is in a console application / REPL scenario, which doesn't help in tracking down errors in a web application.

  • Running the Mono VMWare image in VirtualPC

    A lot of people love VMWare, but it bugs me. I think the main reason is that it installs with a bunch of Windows services that run automatically, every second my computer is running, whether or not I use VMWare. Since I don't use virtual machines every day, that's annoying. So, after running the free VMWare Player for a few times times, I banished it from my computer.