Announcing a Web Camps Winter World Tour starting December 2012

We have a great lineup of international Web Camps events scheduled for the next month. Come join us! Space for these events really is limited, so if you want to get in on them you need to sign up fast.

Web Camps: Free, one day events to show you how to make the most of the Microsoft web platform

Web Camps are an amazing opportunity to see how Visual Studio 2012, ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4 and Windows Azure fit together, and how you can put them to work today to solve real world problems, leveraging cutting edge web technologies.

ASP.NET today is about more than web pages

ASP.NET today is also about services running on ASP.NET Web API in the cloud, powering your Windows 8 applications, applications for Office, social website integration and more. ASP.NET on Windows Azure can be the hub that ties your development strategy together. This day's content is designed to show you how you can use the Microsoft web platform to rule - well, of course the web - but also the rest of the universe.

Play along! Learn, build and deploy working apps throughout the day!

Everyone knows that you learn best when you're doing, not just watching. And a website isn't done until it's deployed, right? So we'll be taking advantage of the free offerings from Windows Azure Web Sites to build and deploy working applications throughout the day, and we'll show you how you can, too, as you  follow along with us as we build and deploy multiple ASP.NET solutions to Windows Azure Web Sites throughout the day.

December Tour

Location Date Notes
Vancouver, Canada 4-Dec-12 With Brady Gaster and Xinyang Qiu and me. This one will be live streamed, and there's still a little more room at the event, too! Info here.
Stockholm, Sweden 10-Dec-12 With Nathen Totten and Mads Kristensen
Hong Kong 12-Dec-12 With Haishi Bai and Wenming Ye
Copenhagen, Denmark 12-Dec-12 With Nathen Totten and Mads Kristensen
Bangkok, Thailand 14-Dec-12 Me! Hopefully a special guest, too.
Singapore 17-Dec-12 Also me! Also maybe a special guest.

Details and registration links are on the DevCamps site:

In the works (location and speaker TBD)

  • 1/28 - India
  • 1/30 - India
  • 2/18 - Germany
  • 2/20 - Russia

Want one in your area? Tell your local Microsoft developer evangelist folks!

Fresh Web content!

We are updating the Web Camps content to focus on putting the latest web platform releases to use. We will start the day with a look at the key building blocks (Visual Studio 2012, ASP.NET 4.5, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API) - including a look at the ASP.NET Fall 2012 Update announced at //build/. Then we will put them to work in a number of short targeted sessions focused on some key web application scenarios:

  • Keynote: The ASP.NET Web Platform in Context
  • What’s new in ASP.NET 4.5
  • Building and deploying websites with ASP.NET MVC 4
  • Creating HTML5 Applications with jQuery
  • Building a service layer with ASP.NET Web API
  • Leveraging your ASP.NET development skills to build apps for Office
  • Building and leveraging social web apps in ASP.NET
  • Building for the mobile web
  • Real-time communications with SignalR
  • Using Cloud Application Services

The full agenda is available here:   All of the slides, demos, and hands-on labs will be available for download at quite soon.


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