CodePlex is adding support for <strike>Subversion</strike> TortoiseSVN

I just heard that CodePlex is adding support for TortoiseSVN with an estimated release date of June 5.

UPDATE: Newer comments make it look like they are just setting up a bridge from TortoiseSVN to TFS. Not clear...

Although the information just says TortoiseSVN, my understanding is that this will include support for Subversion project hosting (rather than supporting TortoiseSVN access to the existing TFS client).

I think this is a huge win for CodePlex and for the .NET development community. This change came directly from a community suggestion which received 148 votes. I think this shows that the CodePlex is both willing and empowered to continue developing an open source project hosting community that's a lot bigger than just a showcase for Team Foundation Server.

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