Cropper Plugins 1.1 release

We lost the everything but my local source copies for our CropperPlugins when gypsies stole the CodePlex TS02 server, which slowed us down a bit.

Patrick Altman got the server back in order and added a cool new "Send to Amazon S3" plugin. We've also switched to global versioning so all plugins share the same version number (using SolutionInfo.cs instead of AssemblyInfo.cs). So, with that, it was time for the relase of Cropper Plugins 1.1.

S3 hosting is a great deal for image hosting for most blogs (as long as you're not serving crazy bandwidth), and this plugin makes it really easy to upload screenshots directly to your hosting storage. Pat automatically added the image link to the clipboard, which is really handy. You can read more about the S3 plugin and the Amazon S3 service on Pat's blog.

Here's what's in the Cropper Plugins 1.1 release:

  • AnimatedGif - Captures to an animated GIF image.
  • AviFormat - Captures to an AVI movie.
  • CountdownPng - Gives you a countdown before taking the shot to allow you to set it up.
  • SendToEmail - Sends the image via the default e-mail client.
  • SendToFlickr - Sends captures to one's Flickr account
  • SendToOneNote - Sends captures to a page in OneNote
  • SendToS3 - Sends captures to one's Amazon S3 account
  • SendToTinyPic - Sends captures to TinyPic
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