Hear me talk about MVC 3 on Jesse Liberty's Yet Another Podcast

Jesse Liberty interviewed me about ASP.NET MVC 3 recently on Yet Another Podcast. It was a lot of fun being a guest on a podcast for a change. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Some introductory chatter about Herding Code and whatnot (skip to 3:50 if you're not interested)
  • Jon's history of MVC releases (and Jesse's reminder that MVC is an old pattern that predates ASP.NET by decades)
  • An overview of what's in new in MVC 3
    • Razor
    • Javascript / jQuery
    • Model Validation
    • Advanced features like Dependency Injection
  • Links to some of the top MVC information on the ASP.NET website: http://asp.net/mvc and http://asp.net/mvc/mvc3
  • Razor view engine - why another view engine, what it's like, why Jon loves working with it
  • Support for Javascript / jQuery, incl. change in validation to jQuery validate
  • Jesse asks Jon if all ASP.NET developers should learn MVC, and if there are cases where you'd want to stay with Web Forms
  • Jesse asks Jon about how to learn about MVC 3 since the MVC books out now all focus on MVC 2
    • Jon mentions that MVC 3 builds on MVC 2 so the "old" books are still of use
    • Jon mentions some additional additional places to learn about MVC 3 (previously blogged here)
    • Jon mentions mvcConf
  • Jesse asks about the current release status of MVC, how to install it, etc.

It's a quick 30 minute show, check it out - and don't forget to subscribe to YapCast.

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Yet Another Podcast #29 Jon Galloway on MVC 3

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