[MIX07] Dinner with Miguel, Guitar Hero defeat by Hanselman

Phil Haack and I drove out Sunday afternoon. We met up with Miguel de Icaza and talked for a long time. As time went on, we added John Osborn (senior editor at O'Reilly) and Eric Kemp (Rob's right hand man on SubSonic) to the party, and headed to dinner.

MIX07 - Sunday Dinner

After dinner, Phil got hold of Adam Kinney, who pointed us to a blogger hangout suite here at the Venetian. I caught up with Adam, Woody Pewitt, Steve Maine, and Clemens Vasters. I got to meet Jon Udell - I've been following his work for a while and am really interested in his vision of computing as applied to every day life for non-techies. Then Jeff Atwood turned it into a guitar hero party, and Scott Hanselman crushed me soundly.

Scott's first comment when he met me was the same as Rob Conery's a few months ago - Gee, you're skinny. I guess my blog picture makes me look - um - not skinny.

Quite a full day, and the thing's really even started yet.


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