New Job at Vertigo Software

I just finished my second week as Vertigo Software's newest employee. You might know Vertigo from their work on cool projects like Family.Show, or you may have seen or heard Vertigo's CEO Scott Stanfield, or you may have noticed that funny upside down / backwards logo on Jeff Atwood's CodingHorror blog.

I was super fired up about this right when I took the job, and after spending my first week onsite I was even more fired up. The people are great, and the work is right up my alley - I've been building business software on mature frameworks by day, then playing with new alpha and beta technologies on nights and weekends for the past ten years; my first day at Vertigo I was installing Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2, Silverlight 1.0 RC, and the latest 3.5 build of AJAX Control Toolkit (and reading up on LinqToSql and the Policy Injection App Block) to dig into my first project.

Here's the group at Vertigo. I was demonstrating my super-pogo technique when I took this picture, which is why they're smiling so much.

I'll be staying in San Diego and traveling to Vertigo (Point Richmond, CA - near Oakland) regularly.


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