Speaking at the Silicon Valley Code Camp on 10/27

I'm presenting two sessions at the Silicon Valley Code Camp on 10/27. So, drop everything, sign up for my sessions, and get to Silicon Valley this weekend!

But first, some quick Q & A time!!!

Question: Why did you wait until Thursday night to blog about talks you're giving on Saturday?
Answer: There was a gigantic wildfire within ten miles of my house all week, and I wasn't totally sure the wife would let me go. Fires are now pretty much under control.

Question: Will your talks be awesome?
Answer: Yes. So awesome you won't believe it.

Publishing a Silverlight 1.1 game with Silverlight Streaming

3:45 PM Saturday | Room 4204

We'll go soup to nuts with a simple Silverlight 1.1 game hosted on Silverlight Streaming, Microsoft's free content distribution network for Silverlight applications. We'll look at the code for a Silverlight maze game, then walk through the steps to publish the application at Silverlight Streaming.

Using SubSonic to built ASP.NET applications that are good, fast, and cheap

5:15 PM Saturday | Room 4204

SubSonic is an ASP.NET framework which helps you to write good web applications quickly. It generates an Active Record based data access layer, then adds controls and utilities that make it easy to build your site the right way. I've contributed to the SubSonic project and have used it in two applications for major clients.
We'll also take a look at an exciting feature which is nearly complete - database migrations.

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