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SourceGear Vault

SourceGear Vault 2.0 is one of the best things going.  Most of you here probably know that already, and I suspect are already using Vault.  If your not, it’s probably because you haven’t tried it yet.  I attended the ASP.NET Roadshow with Rob Howard in Atlanta on Monday night and during the presentation he showed us the list of databases on his laptop while demonstrating how to perform a SQL injection attack.  Guess what one of them was called?  “sgvault”.  Hmmm, I have one of those too, and it was created by Vault.
  About a year ago, my team had become so frustrated with VSS file corruption and other problems that we were exploring all manner of open source options for source control.  I read some positive reviews of Vault and gave it a 30 day trial.  It cleanly imported all of our old VSS repositories and we were off and running.  Yes, we had a few hiccups, mostly the kind of thing you experience when you get in a rental car and can’t figure out where the headlight switch is.  The support we received from Eric Sink and his team was truly the best support I have ever gotten anywhere.  Seriously.  I mean, he owns the company and he will personally work with you to get stuff straightened out.
  Now that they have been kind of enough to release a version that works for free in “solo-developer” mode, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be using this, even if just for your own test projects.  Another cool thing – it is written in C# and uses web services.  You could access it from anywhere.  Set it up on your home pc and hit it from your hotel if you want.  Cool stuff, worth checking out for any .NET developer.


Why won't Microsoft support Office Web Components??

 Some team deep inside Microsoft keeps cranking out new versions of OWC, but never has time to document or release code samples!  Who are these people?  OWC can be a very powerful too, as is evidenced by the sample BIPortal application or this article on building an OLAP Reporting App from MSDN.  However, this is about the extent of “Documentation” that can be found.  Sure, you can find the odd article or mention here and there and there is a sample pack from the Office Developer site on how to program OWC 10, but nothing very concrete.  WHY!!!  If I am in error, will someone please tell me where I can find this information?


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