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Xbox Live MSN Instant Messenger integration is here!

All you Xboxer's out there, you can now get invites, see who's on, etc. on MSN Messenger!  Here the list of features from the official Xbox site:

  • Game invites.
  • Friend requests.
  • Friends signed in.
  • Xbox Live service messages.
  • Downloadable content releases.
  • Game releases.
  • Xbox news and events
  • Here's the link to the full update on  See you on Live!

    Office 2003 toolbar icons

    I recently came across a link on a forum to .png files containing all of the Office 2003 toolbar icons.  Here is the link in case you ever wanted to give your app the standard Office 2003 look and feel (Not sure if this is a copyright issue?).  The icons are all 24bit and are not broken out by individual icon, but are about 100 to page.

    I wonder if Microsoft will ever release these as part of .NET?  It would help apps built with .NET to look cleaner and more modern.  In the comments for this post from September on Fabrice Marguerie's blog, Brian Pepin from the Windows Forms team mentioned that he thought something along those lines might be in progress.  I think that would be a great addition to .NET myself - it's the details like that that make the difference.  I noticed that in the May CTP the autoformat for the menu bar will preload some basic icons, but they appear to be XP or 2000 icons.  Hopefully they are just placeholders for the 2003 style in the final bits.

    *Update: I believe that these are copyrighted and it is illegal to use them in your application.  See the comments and this link for information.  Here's to hoping that the .net teams decide to release some sort of cool standardized icons as part of Whidbey!

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