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July 2004 - Posts

BusinessObjects 6.5 and Crystal Reports 10.0 Web Services available for .NET (and Java)
Business Objects have released what they are calling the BusinessObjects Crystal Integration Pack.  One of the most important components is a set of unified web services and web service consumers for both Java and .NET.  They will allow developers to integrate BusinessObjects 6.5 with existing applications via web services.  The unified web services also include an updated web service interface to Crystal 10.0.  Prior to this release, web services were only available for BusinessObjects WebIntelligence 2.x.  If you wish to download the web services, you will need a login to the BuinessObjects Tech Support site.  Additional functionality includes the ability to seamlessly view Crystal Reports 10 reports through the standard BusinessObjects InfoView portal with a consistant UI.
Is Google down or am I missing something?!!

When I visit and run a simple search for anything, it returns the following:


Server Error

The service you requested is not available at this time.

Service error -27.


Am I missing something or is it down for everybody?  I visited the desk of the person next to me and they are getting the exact same behavior.  This is truly a first for me, I have never seen Google go down. . .

SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 Now on MSDN!
SQL Server 2005 is now available on MSDN.  I am downloading it as I write this.  The Developer Edition is out there and available for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.
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