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January 2005 - Posts

The one web trick I keep coming back to

At least a couple of times a year I find myself searching on Google for this trick.  In a nutshell, yes you can close a browser window that you didn't open (including the current one).  Useful if you are writing an app in which you want to remove toolbars, etc. without popping up a seperate window and forcing the user to close the one you left behind.  The gist of the trick is to set the window.opener = top and then execute a window.close.  Very useful.

Another trick that comes in handy is to fake a modal dialog box by setting the onBlur="window.focus()" in the <body> of a popup.  That will keep your popup on top (useful if you are asking a user to enter information and you don't want them to lose your popup by simply clicking back on the underlying page.)

On Consulting
Another consultant at my company (and fellow GA Tech alumnus), Matt Culbreth has posted his thoughts on consulting.  Sort of a loose "top 10" type of list.  I agree with his thinking, it is definitely great to be a consultant - you get to play with all kinds of new, cool technologies and then just when it's starting to get a little old you get to go somewhere else and try something new.
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