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February 2005 - Posts

Microsoft to release source code for SQL Server 2005?
This would be interesting.  An article on ZDNet based on an interview with Tom Rizzo discusses the possibility of releasing the source code of SQL Server 2005 to some customers under the shared source initiative.
New budget Workgroup Editions of SQL 2000/SQL 2005

Here's an article that talks about the new Workgroup Edition of SQL 2000 and SQL 2005.  It looks like it will be between Express and Standard editions.  From the article, I am gathering that it will not include Reporting Services, but I believe that Visual Studio .NET 2005 will include an embeddable version of Reporting Services 2005, so that might tie in nicely for smaller deployments.  It will be just under $4K per processor and limited to two processors and 3GB RAM, however dual-core chips count as a single processor so you could potentially run it on a 4-way box relatively cheaply.

Visual Studio .NET 2006?
I know it has been tossed around before, but I am really curious to know if Visual Studio 2005 will be released as Visual Studio 2006?  I know that the cutoff for product naming conventions is typically mid-year, so this makes sense from a time perspective based on a 2nd half 2005 release.  It also makes sense from a marketing perspective with the increased mileage "2006" would buy before the product feels old.  Or maybe they would rather have it sound mature from the day it is released?  At any rate, something to think about.
Visual Studio Team System .NET 2003 client?

I am currently putting together a comparison of SourceGear Vault and Visual Studio Team system for my company as we decide which will be the best fit for our company-wide source management system.  One of the big questions that I have (and haven't found a definitive answer to yet) is whether or not VSTS will include a backwards compatible plugin for .NET 2003.  I know that SourceGear is writing one for Linux/Solaris/MacOS (project Allerton), but is Microsoft or anyone writing a client for .NET 2003?  I know that all of our projects won't instantly become .NET 2005 projects the day that it is released, so it is important that we have backwards compatibility for at least the first year or two.  Does anyone know the answer to this?

Reporting Services 2005 and SVG?

I was poking around inside of some of the Reporting Services assemblies that ship with the newest CTP of Visual Studio .NET 2005 and there are a few interesting things in there.  One thing that caught my eye is the inclusion of a Dundas.Charting.WebControl.SVG assembly.  SVG has always looked great for charting within Business Objects Dashboard Manager, and I remember being excited when I heard that Reporting Services would utilize Dundas' charting controls since they output SVG natively.  I wonder if we will see SVG charting exposed in Reporting Services 2005?  It is also cool to see that the Web and WinForms client-side charting controls are already in place in the newest releases of Visual Studio, I can't wait to see how they will benefit us once we are able to develop against them.  If you dig into them you can see that multi-value parameter functionality is included already, as is client-side printing and themes for the control. 

Business Objects XI (and Crystal 11) released

The new "integrated" version of Business Objects and Crystal was released in mid-December.  I haven't yet loaded this release to take a look myself, but it is my understanding that this is the release that is intended to bring the Crystal Reports crowd into the Business Objects fold.  The next release (I think it is going to be called Business Objects XII, or XI R2) is the release that will completely unify the two products.  It seems as though most current BO users are waiting for that release and are staying with 6.5 for the time being.

The XI release apparently utilizes Crystals "service oriented architecture" approach, so I'm guessing lots of web services (BO has had .NET and Java web services for the past two releases, so they have been heading this way for a while).  I will post more once I install it and take a look inside.  It will actually be interesting to see how Crystal Reports' benefit from BO Universes to simplify report creation.

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