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January 2006 - Posts

Updated SQL 2005 Books Online and Samples/SQL 2005 Feature Pack

If you are working with SQL 2005 and/or .NET 2.0, you should definitely check out the December update for SQL 2005 Books Online and the update for the Samples that come with SQL 2005.  Here are a few of the new things that come with the updated samples: CLR, SMO, Integration Services, Replication, and Reporting Services.

The SQL 2005 Feature Pack was released in late November and contains tools and utilities that weren't ready in time to ship with the SQL release, a lot of them add the ability to work with SQL 2000 components from within SQL 2005, such as DTS.

Converting SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 KPIs to Business Scorecard Manager 2005 KPIs and vice versa

Here is a tool from Microsoft that will enable you to convert SSAS 2005 and BSM 2005 KPIs back and forth.

From the description on the download page:


KPIUtil.exe is a tool that allows users to connect to both a Microsoft® Office Business Scorecard Manager 2005 server and a Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005 Analysis Services server to do the following:
  • Generate SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services key performance indicators (KPIs) from Business Scorecard Manager KPIs.

  • Generate Business Scorecard Manager KPIs from SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services KPIs.

  • Save a configuration file that contains parameters (including the connection information to the SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services server and the Business Scorecard Manager server) that you entered by using KPIUtil.exe. You can use the saved configuration file either to generate KPIs from a command prompt or to open the configuration file in KPIUtil.exe at a later time.
Running Business Scorecard Manager 2005 (Maestro) on Sharepoint 3 Beta 1

It is possible to run BSM 2005 on the new Sharepoint Beta, but it requires jumping through a few hoops.  Here is a blog entry that describes how to get it working.

New version of Virtual Server (PC) extensions released

If you are running virtual machines with Windows 2003 Server SP1, you will want to grab the latest Virtual Server Additions, version 13.552, which were released on Jan 20, 2006.  Once you have run the file and upgraded your Virtual Server 2005 install, you can use the directions here to update your Virtual PC images to the latest additions as well.

EDIT: I neglected to post the link to the download.  The updated Virtual Additions can be found here.

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