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  • Team System Code Coverage and Manual Tests?

    No problem...

    1.  Turn on Code Coverage in your app
    2.  Launch the Manual Test from the Test Manager
    3   Use the Windows Explorer to find the target app and run it manually
           eg.  If you build to Math\bin\debug\math.exe - launch manually from this location
    4.  Follow the instructions in the manual test - pass or fail it
    5.  Shut down the app
    6.  View code coverage results

  • November 29 Release of the PTE

    November release of the Process Template Editor - bottom line, lots of changes and bug fixes.


    Icons for All Windows
    "for" and "not" should be renamed
    Areas and Iterations Map to Definitions
    Duplicate Names
    Bottom half of Groups and Permissions doesn't seem to be working
    KABOOM: Creating New Item in a Document Library
    Change the Infragistics Controls
    Drop Down for Title field
    Areas and Iterations to display hierarchy
    Work Item Rendeing seems off
    States and Transitions Fix
    Editing Layout
    Reportable Fields Fix
    Permissions KABOOM
    Clicked on New button
    New Document Library doesn't work
    Right Click on existing library
    Able to change extension...
    Adding new report should allow me to select a existing report file
    No minimum size on the work item type window
    Sizing Work Item Dialog does not size controls
    Adding New Transition does not allow for a reason
    Able to Add a State that Transitions to itself
    Work Item Type validation rules should not only be a function of the GUI
    No minimum size for main MDI window
    Online Global List saving should have a timer mouse icon
    Tree Navigation for entire application

  • November 21 Release of the Team System Process Editor

    Here is the latest release. What's changed? Well, we ripped out all of the Infragistics controls for one. We've also added lots more validation (when online) as well as user interface enhancements to help prevent you doing crazy things that is allowed in the resulting XML but you would never want to do in real life. We've also added Global List support. Our next release is next week where we will be rounding out more corners specifically around Global List support as well as Work Item Type field level support (not to mention making it look nicer - adding the missing Menu features, etc). You can get it from the GDN Workspace or from our web site... Note, I have completely opened up membership to the GDN Workspace... I kept running out of memberships to give out...

  • Get Ready Edmonton and Victoria...

    .. because you are about to get rocked!!!  The Visual Studio launch is hitting those cities on November 15th (Edmonton) and 17th (Victoria).  I've been zip zagging across this tiny planet (literally) for the past year and haven't spend much time in Canada.  Because of this I'm really stoked to say that I'm co-presenting along with the LEGENDARY John Bristowe who decided to take a ride on the wild side and go work for Microsoft Canada.   John has recently delivered the launch event in Toronto and Ottawa - and let me tell ya - the man is on fire!!!  I only guarantee two things.   You will learn - and you will be entertained!!!

  • Visual Studio Launch and What it Means to Me

    I’ve been playing this Software Development game for almost 15 years now yet I can’t deny that I still get excited about new technology.  This is the week of the Visual Studio 2005 Launch (along with its close cousins SQL Server and BizTalk 2006).  I’ve been working with these products for more than a year now – traveling all over the world educating customers and helping them understand how these products can be adopted and leveraged in their world.  Some customers simply can’t wait for the next version of SQL Server; others believe Team System will be extremely valuable to their organization.  If there is one thing I’ve found over the last year+ is that every customer truly has distinct and specific needs.