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Tech Behind Live Earth
24 May 08 08:33 PM | Joel Semeniuk | with no comments

Some of the 3d views in Live Earth are stunning (especially if you live in a major US city).    Mark Brown talks about the camera technology that sits behind it.  Very cool.

A bit about the cameral

216 mega-pixels with a panchromatic image size of 14,430 x 9,420 pixels, capturing data at over 3 GBits/sec, 13 CCD's - 7 pan and 4 color (RGB + Near IR) and 14 CPU's to process the raw images and data in real-time. The data units for the camera hold 1.7TB, enough for about 4,700 images

How the heck can I get me one of those 216 Mega-pixel cameras?  I'm sure in 15 years Canon will come out with a consumer model ;-)

Free Webcast on Process Template Customization...and more...
12 May 08 09:13 PM | Joel Semeniuk | 1 comment(s)

Over the next few weeks, Imaginet will be hosting a series of public Webcasts on various different topics...The first of this series is Steve Porter on process template customization for Team System.

Here are a few more Webcasts we're putting on:


Windows Communication Service Gateways with C#3.0 and Linq-To-SQL
An overview of a simple Gateway data accessing pattern exposed via WCF, using LinqToSql for data access. Also includes a brief look into handy uses of new C# 3.0 and .NET 3.5 features including Lambda expressions, LinqToEntities, and more.
May 28 - 2008

NHibernate: An Entry-Level Primer
A look into getting started creating Data Access Layers with NHibernate.
June 25 2008

Customizing Team System Process Templates
Learn how to customize Team System's process templates to allow you to align your organization's unique processes to those processes managed by the Team Foundation Server.
May 14 - 2008

Dependency Injection with StructureMap
Learn how to decouple your application and drive it towards a cleaner and more testable design by using dependency injection.
June 18 - 2008

Creating Real world applications with CSLA 3.5
I'll do a quick walkthrough of creating a Point of Sale system using Parent-Child-Grandchild relationship using the new features of CSLA 3.5. These include Linq-to-SQL, better property management and persistence management through the chain.
July 2 - 2008

Introduction to Software Factories
This web cast will introduce developers to Software Factories.  We'll focus specifically on those published by Microsoft, including the Web Client Software Factory, the Smart Client Software Factory, and the Services Software Factory.  We'll demo how the factories work and examine what they produce.
May 21 - 2008

Customizing Software Factories
This Webcast will walk developers through what is involved in customizing the software factories published by Microsoft. We'll discuss the Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) and the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX), and will discuss the dos, don'ts, and pain points involved in working with these technologies.
Familiarity with Software Factories is recommended.
June 11 - 2008

MVC vs MVP smackdown
This Webcast will compare and contrast 2 presentation layer design patterns, the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern being baked into the the ASP.NET MVC Framework and the Model View Presenter (MVP) design pattern that is currently baked into the Microsoft Software Factories.  What's the difference? Which is better?  Find out!
July 9 - 2008

Testing out the MVC: Routing
One of the most difficult parts of an application to test is the User Interface.  With the impending release of the ASP.NET MVC framework, this will become a lot easier for web based applications.  This webcast will take a Test Driven approach to exploring the new MVC Framework focusing on the URL Routing.
June 4 - 2008

Creating a Web Video Player Using Silverlight
A brief introduction to creating silverlight applications for websites, and a demo of creating a video player.
July 16 - 2008 changed...
11 May 08 06:27 PM | Joel Semeniuk | with no comments

I noticed today that has changed.  My first experience - silly fast!  I was impressed.  My second experience was impressive as well - I performed a vanity video search - up popped a few results - simply hover your mouse over the video thumbnail - and it started playing.  That feature actually gave me a startle, since I wasn't expecting it and all of a sudden my computer was talking to me.

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