Uploading Files: Multiple Files, Progress Bar, No Postback

UPDATE: This is now available as a free ASP.NET control. 

Recently, Joe Stagner created some videos and talked about 4 upload scenarios that provide an AJAX-like file upload experience.  I've used or looked at all of those options at least once or twice in the past, but they were never quite what I wanted.  I wanted something sleek and sexy.  Something that really popped. The file upload tool that is my new best friend is SWFUpload.

SWFUpload is a JavaScript/Flash library that degrades to a plain old upload control if there are compatibility problem. It's truly a thing of beauty.  The SWFUpload online demos really don't do it justice as far as demonstrating how pretty you can make it look with a little CSS.  Not that I'm the world's greatest designer, but here's an action screen shot of how I integrated it into an ASP.NET application. The picture is a screen capture of SWFUpload in the process of uploading 4 files. The control is inside of an AJAX.NET ModalPopup inside of an UpdatePanel. You can also see it in action as part of a short demo I did for this project.  It's not the greatest video, but you can see the uploading files and photos example about halfway though the video.


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