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[CLR] Interning Strings
22 April 03 05:02 PM | CSharpener | with no comments

A very interesting post on [Chris Brumme:Interning Strings & immutability]

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[Gotcha] NUnit on .NET Framework 1.1
22 April 03 04:47 PM | CSharpener | with no comments

It looks like we will need to recompile NUnit for the .NET Framework 1.1 release (see [.Avery Blog:NUnit and Framework 1.1]) or do a configuration trick (see [.Avery Blog:NUnit and Framework 1.1 Part 2]).

[Reference] Handy reference for command line compiling
22 April 03 03:49 PM | CSharpener | 1 comment(s)

Handy reference for command line compiling

[Reference] DateTimeFormating
22 April 03 03:33 PM | CSharpener | 1 comment(s)

Brad Abrams shares a nice code sample (and lists its output) to catalog .NET's DateTimeFormating from the DateTimeFormatInfo Class. Is the .NET Framework cool or what?!

By the way, my uncle, Martin K. Speckter, invented the Interrobang, that "?!" or "!?" thingie I just used.

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CornSharp: New .NET Blogging Tool
22 April 03 01:51 PM | CSharpener | with no comments

It looks like there is a new .NET blogging tool in the mix, CornSharp. The system was written in C# but source is not currently available. CornSharp uses some other work (see the CornSharp FAQ), including The HTML Editor and Ftp client library for C# from the Code Project.

Open Source Communities
11 April 03 04:19 PM | CSharpener | with no comments

Eugene Eric Kim wrote An Introduction to Open Source Communities, an article that has been circulating rather widely lately. Kim shares some interesting thoughts on collaborative communities.

Language Designers & Language Buffs Take Note
11 April 03 04:07 PM | CSharpener | with no comments

The Hundred Year Language, by Paul Graham, hypothesizes about the language that may be used to control flying cars, etc., one hundred years from now.

Great tips for debugging services
04 April 03 03:40 PM | CSharpener | with no comments

Debugging onStart for a Windows Service [Loosely Coupled] adds a useful comment to Debugging Windows Services [Wayne Allen's Weblog] which adds useful comments to Debugging Windows Services [Peter Provost's Geek Noise]. I'm sure the trail will get longer but these look helpful enough to record here.

OpenSource Reporting Tool for Java
04 April 03 03:24 PM | CSharpener | with no comments
DataVision looks to be a pretty full-featured reporting tool if you find yourself working in Java.
Hot off the press!
03 April 03 02:42 PM | CSharpener | with no comments

The ISO/IEC and the ECMA have now ratified Microsoft's specs for the C# language and the CLI. Microsoft has posted the final documents at ECMA and ISO/IEC C# and Common Language Infrastructure Standards. Get your copies now!

Thanks to Sam Gentile's post for the "heads up."

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