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[General] Cutest Software Developer Meeting Announcement Seen in Years!
25 March 05 01:57 PM | CSharpener | with no comments
This really is the cutest software developer meeting announcement I have seen in many years:

Announcing: A Unique UK .NET Developer Event

Just plain good TechnoNerd humor!

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[General] CSharpener's Weblog Name Change
18 March 05 11:58 AM | CSharpener | with no comments
I'm not for willy-nilly changing the names of things that have been around for awhile but it's time for me to label this technical weblog with my name.  Please adjust your Blogrolls, etc., accordingly.  The new title is:

"John Tobler's Techno-Log"

I am apparently a repeat victim of "alias theft."

Even though I  am firmly convinced that I was the first to use "CSharpener" for anything, and a Google Search for 'CSharpener' currently lists my weblog at the very top, it appears that some company that doesn't know how to use Google, or any other search engine, for that matter, has decided to co-opt this alias that I have been using since the very early days of C# and .NET.  I should sue them, I suppose.  =))  The questionable company in question produces C-Sharpener for VB, a VisualStudio add-in that converts VB.NET to C#.  The product may be just fine but I do resent them stealing my little personal identifier. 

My old alias, "GrepNinja," which was given to me by a very good friend *many* years ago, was also pilfered.  My previous technical weblog, GrepNinjaLog, has been on the NET for years and a Google Search for 'grepninja' still pulls me up first.  In spite of this, someone who shall remain nameless apparently had no moral or ethical problems whatsoever with appropriating my well-established alter-identity as his own when he put out there for public consumption.

Personally, I would never even consider consciously doing this to someone else.

Perhaps this is a sign to me that the technogeek aliases that were once popular are no longer useful.

So, from now on this weblog will simply bear my name.

Incidentally, although I am a musician (multi-instrumentalist, composer, and songwriter), I am *not* the rock music journalist and author who wrote these books.

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[.NET General] Argument Against Strong Naming
15 March 05 01:53 PM | CSharpener | with no comments
It looks like Craig Andera has had enough of .NET strong-named assemblies.  He has proclaimed, "I Hate Strong Names!"

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[.NET C#] A Public Domain, "Dogfoodable" C# Compiler!
15 March 05 01:29 PM | CSharpener | with no comments
Mike Stall has just released Source for a C# compiler written in pure C# that can compile itself.  Mike states that this project is simply a "just a glorified reflection-emit demo."  Yeah, right!  But the rest of us are envious, anyway, Mike!   Mike's code provides a great starting point for any prospective language devs out there to play with.  This gift to the C# community well deserves CSharpener's "Contribution of the Month" award!

[Tools] Three Little Web Development Tools
04 March 05 11:31 AM | CSharpener | with no comments
Thanks to Larkware News and The Daily Grind 572, I discovered three cool little web development tools:  ieHTTPHeaders, FullSource, and ToggleBorders.

Regarding FullSource and ToggleBorders, it has been a long time since I have seen so much useful functionality in so little space (less than 4K for both)!

An old friend just reminded me that the Web Developer Extensions for Firefox offer similar tools for that fine browser (my default browser, in fact, even though I spend a lot of time in MSIE because that's what we .NET'ers regularly target for our ASP.NET-based products).   If you develop for Firefox, you will definitely want this great extension toolbar.

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[General] Allegiance - I never thought to see this day!
01 March 05 08:03 AM | CSharpener | with no comments
I never thought to see the day when Microsoft would release the source code for a Microsoft-developed multi-player space combat game, but, here it is:  Allegiance!  The site is your gateway to Allegiance information and your point of entry to the game system   To get started as a player, your journey begins at the Allegiance Academy.  Batteries (Allegiance source code) included!  What is the (software development) world coming to?!

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