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[Languages] Ruby is coming along on .NET
20 June 06 11:53 AM | CSharpener | 1 comment(s)

I have been checking out a couple of newer implementations of Ruby for .NET.  Each offers something different and it is obvious that we are getting closer to having a really usable variant of Ruby on .NET in the near future.  Here are my current favorite contenders:

Each of these implementations has features worthy of notice and emulation.  Congratulations to the people behind them for contributing such fine work!

[Languages] A Smalltalk Compiler for .NET - #Smalltalk
20 June 06 11:39 AM | CSharpener | with no comments

A fortuitous incident led me to review the .NET Languages website, which has a great list of .NET languages on its Resources page.  There, I found out about a new-to-me compiler, #Smalltalk, that implements Smalltalk to run on .NET.  The #Smalltalk system is offered under an Open Software License version 1.1 and the included class library is supposedly "mostly compatible with the ANSI Smalltalk standard."  In its current version, #Smalltalk does not have support for GUI development but such is planned for a future release.

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