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My MDC presentation

OK, I gave my first presentation in a Microsoft developer conference on Friday. It is also the only presentation that involves competing platforms in MDC 2004. I felt that there are a lot of things that I could improve if given a second chance. My slides have way too many animations. Without a remote control, I spent much of my time behind the console (clicking the mouse) to take care of the animations rather than directly addressing the audience. So, the overall effect of the presentation is not nearly as good as I had hoped for. I will know better next time. If you have other comments, please let me know via the blog comments. Thanks!

I understand the topic of the talk is extremely broad. Some people have hoped for a comparison of platforms -- my apologies -- that is not the focus of the talk. You need an independently organized forum (Not a vendor sponsored conference) to do this type of comparison. The focus of the talk really is on how Symbian and J2ME developers can leverage their skills to develop Windows Mobile apps (e.g., can you trust the GC for memory management? how do you do view switch? etc.). If you do not develop for Windows Mobile and already made the choice of J2ME (or Symbian), this talk is of little use (and even "offensive", if you are religious about this kind of things). If that is the case, I suggest you read my book on J2ME and there is no mention of Windows Mobile there.

Anyway, you can download the PDF version of the talk here. The MVC pattern and facade pattern example code is discussed and available from this article.

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Motorola MPx, Jonathan Wells and myself

The rumor says that there are only five Motorola MPx in the world. And I was holding one in my hand yesterday! I have seen many devices, but this one is very small and slick! The pictures were taken by Irwin Rodrigues using a PocketPC phone with a digital camera.

1. I am holding the phone in landscape position.

2. I am holding the phone in portait position

3. Jonathan Wells and myself both hold the phone.

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VS 2005 for devices screen shots!

Thanks for Jonathan and Amit, I now have the Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey) screen shots right after its release! Click on the thumbnail for the full screen images.

1. The .Net CF 2.0 controls for PocketPC. There are some very cool controls (WebBrowser, RichInk, calendar ...)!

2. The improved visual designer to build the user interface. If you can click on the hatdware keys and navigation buttons, the corresponding event handler will show!

3. Support for landscape screen orientation as well!

4. The smartphone visual designer (still .Net CF 1.0) is also improved.

Introducing the MapPoint Location Server

OK, my first MDC coverage article is up on "Show Daily" web site!

Introducing MapPoint Location Server -- MapPoint Location Server eases development of location-based services

Stay tuned for more!

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Attending the Austin Mobility Roundtable conference

The Austin Mobility Roundtable 2004 is not an "industry" conference that showcases the latest products. Instead, it features keynotes and panel sessions from the world's most recognized researchers and practitioners in mobile commerce. They talk about the trends where this industry is heading and cutting edge academic research results. The Roundtable conference travels from Japan to Sweden to Austin this year. Next year, it will be hosted in Hong Kong. This year's speakers include

  • Tony Scott, CTO, General Motors
  • Bill Bodin, CTO, IBM Pervasive Computing
  • Robert Austin, Professor, Harvard Business School
  • Andrew Whinston, Professor and Director, University of Texas
  • Mike McCamon, Executive Director, Bluetooth SIG
  • Nada Usina, General Managor of Entertainment, Nokia
  • Rafiul Ahad, VP of Product Development, Oracle
  • David Beas, VP for Wireless, SBC Lab
  • Jason Ford, General Manager of Games, Sprint
  • Stacy Smith, VP of Sales, Intel
  • Per Andersson, Professor, Stockholm School of Economics

Just to name a few ... Very impressive line up! Dr. Whinston asked me to help prepare his talk on mobile security using materials from an IEEE paper I published on mobile financial services. It is my priviledge and I will be in the conference then!

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My O'reilly article on windows mobile clients for web services

O'reilly's OnDotnet.com site published my article "Developing Web-Service-Driven, Smart Mobile Applications". The article describes how to use .NET Compact Framework clients on Pocket PC 2003 and Smartphone 2003 devices to access MapPoint Web services. The complete application source code is available for download together with the article. Key points in the article include:

1. The remote facade pattern for mobile web service applications:

2. Two ways to track sessions in mobile web services and their limitations.

3. Layered application design to support multiple UIs.

4. A static controller pattern for "screen-flow" mobile clients.

5. UI considerations for PocketPC and Smartphone devices.

Enjoy the read!

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