Agile?  Buzzword!  Secondly, there is an Agile Florida? What?  I guess Florida isn’t just about pop music.

Kidding aside, there is a presentation by Orlando's Scrum User Group August 19 7pm at Altamonte Springs Fl at Panera listed on AgileFlorida.  The presentation is about Agile project estimating.  It seems interesting enough even if you are not in a project management role.  If you are in a management role, than this speaks to you more so since Scrum is about process management.  As a developer it may be interesting to take some of the practices of Scrum and apply them to your daily development.  The beauty of Agile is that you don’t have to take every principle or practice.  It is more of a pick and see what fits best in your current environment.  There are many things I like about Scrum and can see many benefits from both developer and manager.

If you don’t know what the heck Scrum is or came here looking for Rugby, time to hit Wikipedia! I also provided some resources below.


Just a simple hello and to show my developer creds.

I am a web developer

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I am a C# developer but raised on VB.NET (hope that doesn't show my age!)

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I work for EA SPORTS with the official title IS Developer

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