Yahoo customer care frustrations

Why can't Yahoo customer care simply do what their name suggests? A couple of days ago, I sent an e-mail to Yahoo customer care asking about whether it's possible for me, as a resident of The Netherlands, to subscribe to a small business web hosting package. All I really wanted to know was whether it's a U.S.-only service or not, because I had read in some affiliate FAQ on their site that the web hosting packages are U.S.-only, while their general terms of service don't mention this at all. I was expecting to get a short reply stating that either the FAQ was incorrect or that they have some reason to only offer these plans to people in the U.S. The answer is actually pretty simple but I just wanted to avoid confusion in the future.

So I sent an e-mail and, just to prevent them from asking me about some additional information before answering the question, I specifically used the designated question form on their website. So I enter what they want: my Yahoo ID and my name and enter the question. A day later, when I get the reply, it states (along with some politeness):

In order to review your account, please reply with the following information:

* Yahoo ID
* Date of Birth
* Any one of the following: [Zip Code, Alt Email Address, Street Address, or Phone Number]

Once we have this information, we'll be happy to investigate the matter that you have described.

Why do they need my date of birth in order to figure out if they sell web hosting packages to Europeans? I can understand that they might be afraid of telling an eight-year-old kid to buy their stuff, but isn't that covered by their general terms of service? Also, it can't be to check my Yahoo ID, because I've never provided my date of birth when signing up for it. The other questions are just as weird. They already have my Yahoo ID, in fact, the e-mail was sent to my Yahoo account.

After asking about this in a reply they ended up sending me a list of their current hosting packages, which was in fact outdated compared to their offering on the website. If Yahoo believes in social platforms so much (at least, that's how I interpret buying companies like Flickr and, maybe they should start right at the actual point of contact with (potential) customers and have customer care drop the auto-generated replies.


  • If their pre-sales service is this bad, do you want to risk going for their hosting service?

  • Yahoo's customer care is a joke. People have had terrible problems with very, very simple requests with their email service. Mostly it's a problem with them totally misunderstanding what the question was.

    Go somewhere else.

  • I had very bad experience with them when ordered shopping cart. The same problems as author outlined and they are very slow.

  • It can't be much worse than SBC customer service. oh wait, SBC Yahoo! DSL, I guess it can. Maybe they're all under the same management.

  • I had a successful Yahoo Group, and one day they just cancelled it. Along with canceling the group they deleted my yahoo id and email. Also, they deleted my primary email account with SBC DSL. Of course i got the royal run around with SBC, and finally they suggested i call Yahoo. Yahoo asked me for the birthdate that I had orginally given them. The problem was i felt they did not need my real birthdate, so i made one up. Yahoo would not even talk to me with out that fake birthdate. The only thing i could get them to say was that I had broke the "TOS" -- Terms of Service--. I read it and did not find anything that i had violated. As to SBC the only thing they could do was completely shut down my service and restart which took just over a month.

  • Although I pay for Mail Plus service (have been for years, I guess I just never cancelled it), I realised a while ago my POP access had stopped working. I have been trying to get this resolved for weeks.

    After several attempts at explaining the problem, and trying to get past all the standard issue 'check your settings' auto responses, finally got an answer: ' you don't subscribe Mail Plus'. Errr, yes I do and last paid for it in June. So told them this, and (foolishly) said can they now sort this out or if not tell me how to get a refund. This last clause has clearly triggered something automatic as now I've been passed off to billing support, and it's back to 'please send us your user ID etc'.

    Now, I appreciate they have a huge user base to support, but if they can't help someone who isn't getting what they are paying for they may as well give up.....

  • I am very frustrated with the email customer service and want to know if Yahoo has a customer service number that I can call because I need some help or am I going to be emailing them back and forth until my problem gets resolved.

  • Yahoo are GRATE people with a GREATE service but with Very POOR Customer care.

    They do not offer a link on their Website for "Contact us"

    This is a case of "Too much customer base" and they are simply saying "please customers keep off"!!

    I have always contacted them but never had even a ROBOT answer me save for the Robot Messenger..

    They badly need someone to give them a RUN for their money.

    Please Google and others the world is sending an "SOS". Please come to our rescue.

  • We jave never had anything but the utmost fine service from Yahoo Customer Care - one just needs to "go with the flow," and they will bend over backward to help you

  • U guys,sum1 hacked in2 my yahoo and deactivated it abt a wk ago.I tried contacting customer care but iv not heard from them.All my friends say its a rare thing coz when i try to log in it says invalid password/id...when i try to ask for the secret question,it tels me 'we have no information regarding this account.Either u or yahoo has deactivated the account'.I had logged in on a wednesday and the problem started on a thursday...meaning it was jus a few hours that i had signed in and signed out b4 the problem started.
    All my efforts to contact cutomer care has failed.I was even google searching the customer care to try again but luckily ended up here...and no sign of yahoo customer care.
    I havent done anything illeal with my holds alot of my important information.
    I havent surfed anywhere other than my laptop and i havent given any1 my laptop to use,meaning those password hacking softwares arent included here.
    I havent given any1 my password...i can never do that.

    Please guys,if any1 can help me reclaim my yahoo again please email me on

  • All my incoming and Sent messages haven been recently deleted by you and I couldn't retrieve the. Could you please help me to get them back. Appreciate if you let me know your action by Thank you.

  • I do not think only publishing comments of your clients is a solution to their frustrations. The solution is to take action as soon as you could and let your clients know about it. I contacted you about my Incoming and Sent messages deleted by you but you still did not take any action to help me get them back. Thanks.

  • i have not been able to find a phone number ANYWHERE to talk to ANYONE in regards to a simple advice...take your business to google

  • Just had the same thing happen to me...I've had my yahoo email for 4 yrs, use it daily, have all my email addy's in their address book, had lots of important emails saved in folders on there, and all of a sudden POOF, I have no yahoo email addy anymore. Everytime I tried to log in it said Invalid password/ID. WTF?! And of course I've tried to call the Yahoo cust serv #, yea right...if I were lucky enough to even get my call answered, I'd probably get some dude in India who can't hardly speak English anyways! Lesson learned, I will save important stuff on my hard drive & not leave it to ISP's in the future! So long Yahoo, you lost this customer for good! :-(

  • i left my aapt address cuz i cant access my yahoo mail address because it wont load and i'm lucky with me its only been 5 days but i would like to find out how to contact anyone in yahoo to find why my yahoo mail wont finish loading my yahoo address is
    if anyone can help pls do so

  • I have a yahoo ID which password is stolen by someone i want to my password.

  • I want to know why yahoo keeps switching my email to Beta when I have previously requested them to leave me on regular Email? I alo want to know why we can't get customer care on-line, although calling them doesn't do much good either. I don't understand who rated yoo email as being No. one with the garbage that they are pulling ontheir customers.

  • I would like for whoever it is at Yahoo that deals with the Email accounts to just remove my email from the Beta format and place it back on classical email, immediately instead of taking 24/48/ or 72 hours to do it.

  • how do i enable pop3 option.

  • Well my yahoo id have been hacked and i cant do any thing abt it if any one can get my id pasword email me on my hacked id is ( thank u.. bye.

  • Hi guys
    I was having username d_bibhu is been hacked by somebody.

    Hence any kind of abuse I will not be responsible there after from date August 13 2007 18:00 o clock IST

  • please close this site for me

  • i forget my password of my yahoo address(,i want to request to get new password from yahoo costomer care , any one know the email addres of yahoo costomer care.please give me on cdhungana1@

  • Yahoo Customer Care sucks. I've "Premium" services enabled to manage my Homepage in Geocities. Guess what, my credit card was replaced and I wanted to update my CC info in my account profile and I only get error messages. I sent an email to Customer Care and all I got was a lousy email with possible explanations of the error that DO NOT Help. The instructions even blame the ISP when the Internet connection is perfect. I can't believe I cannot make this work even for a simple thing and I'm surprised they're not even interested in getting my new payment information. How am I then supposed to pay for the services now that my registered account got closed? I'll be happy to be removed and go somewhere else for Hosting Services.

  • how to send a sms massage by yahoo massanger from pc to bsnl mobile phone

  • can you help me!!! i cant seem to be able to send photos,it takes to long.Please help i!need to be able to send photos

  • I've been using yahoo id for he past 10 years. Now i couldnt login on into this id. Please give the solution. Give mail to my rediff id

  • Hi
    I have been using yahoo mail for past 5 years .I created some folders .so i want to delete that folders.Please help me and send solution to my yahoo mail

  • i have been trying to know the yahoo customer care number but still getting no response.

  • please give me quick reply to solve my problem.

  • I am not getting any response from Yahoo's side.

  • Like wise similar problems and lack of help from Yahoo - Constant line 35 & Line 37 errors - Cannot forward or reply in "NEW" version.
    Tried to log on with a friends computer to determine if it was a Yahoo server issue or a local issue.
    It worked on his - BUT - ever since I did that, he cannot use Yahoo search outside of the e-mail on that computer...
    Wierd huh?

    If ANYONE can figure this out, there could probably be money to be made.

  • i need help how to remove when i am on sms online option i want to remove tht option ..

  • how to send a sms massage by yahoo massanger from pc to Vodafone mobile phone... .......but i am not reciving any sort of massage plzzzzz now i want to remove this sms onlie massage plzzzzz i need help...........

  • i need really help to get my mail back

  • me im very desprate..i wanted to solve my company email account cannot be enter..with the same ID and even the correct password..we cannot acces..with this number (866-850-4303) i had try to contact but our operator said that this number was no invalid..fuh how come..who can help me..the content of our email is very important to us..huaaa

  • good news i have got your yahoo passwold you can email me on i wil let you no it thanks

  • Thanks for providing the Yahoo Customer Service Phone # - 866-562-7219.

    I have voice out service and take BEFORE and AFTER screen Shots of all calls I make. I noticed that in a particular day - I was overcharged $0.15. I called the CS person thru Chat - That's all info I could get from Yahoo website. After a hour chat - he ask me to write a mail. The mail was not replied.

    Now that I have this number - I am going to call them daily to get this resolved.

    What Do I Do?? In case you are wondering how can I have so much time to spend on $0.15 - well I am out of my Country for some time on company work and it does get very boring in evening. So this is a good way to keep me busy and get back what is legally mine.

  • i need yahoo's number

  • I cannot get into my yahoo email. My ID is patarobbins, my email address is Now where are you going to leave me an answer if I can't get into my email.
    I have an idea, leave me an answer at my husband's email: Please hurry. Pat Robbins

  • how to remove when i am on sms option . i want to remove that status

  • i dont know what is wrong i cant asses my yahoo account and messenger as well.please help me to open can reply me on will be very greatful.thanks

  • Please, do not use yahoo small business webhosting.
    I am just in a process of transferring to microsoft live. And you know why? The customer service is so bad that you wonder if it is really YAHOO!. I spend 2 hrs on the phone with music into my hear, but noone to speak to, how bad could it get.

    No wonder, Microsoft wants to buy them off. At microsoft, you get people on the phone within a minute. Yahoo shareholders need to see sense and accept Microsoft offert before it's too late. Otherwise, Yahoo will be bought at discount price and they deserve it.

  • "I've been using Yahoo e-mail for 6 years, and it seems that the more they improve, the worse they get. For two weeks, I've been getting that dreaded message, "Unusual Activity Detected. To protect you, your account has been suspended from sending, saving, and receiving mail for up to 48 hours."

    I just got this today, and no one responds. My account has NOT been hijacked. I use this account for business, and now none of my clients can e-mail me for 48 hours.

    Fortunately, I still have my hotmail account, and I sent a broadcast message to my clients about the problem and telling them to cc me on hotmail and gmail.

    I had left hotmail because of problems there - they block sender's e-mails because of these hissy fits Yahoo and Hotmail have with each other over Spam, etc. It's not my problem.

    Have you noticed the format and coding of gmail, hotmail and yahoo mail are all the same? It must be one software company doing all the work (in India, no doubt). The lockout feature is also present in g-mail.

    There has to be a better solution, but since I use different computers, a pop server is not the answer.

    I have a paid account at hotmail. I was going to get a paid account at Yahoo. But I think I'll take a pass. At least with hotmail and gmail you can forward messages to another account. Yahoo does not have that feature.

    Microsoft really sucks, but Yahoo is even worse. No wonder they are going out of business. When they do, we can all shout "YAHOO!"

  • I'm not able to get to my yahoo call. I have a new computer with vista on it. Till I got the new one i had no problem..Is it Vista? Is it yahoo.
    I have e-maill yahoo so mant times that I can't remember how many.
    They tell to go to the answer page. did that no good. CAN someone help me.

  • I am trying to find out why I can not sign into my account after 5 years of service with Yahoo. When I call them thay ask my for the answer to my aecurity question. Where I met my spouse? I gave them the answer that I remember putting in and they say it is not the right answer. They tell my with oyt this they can not get into ny account. I have all of my work in Yahoo. I have lost EVRYTHING. Can anyone guise me PLEASE?????

  • Hi,
    sum1 hacked in2 my yahoo and deactivated it abt a wk ago.I tried contacting customer care but iv not heard from them.All my friends say its a rare thing coz when i try to log in it says invalid password/id.
    I am alsonot able to set my password online.

    I also mailed customer care but NO response from their side.

    I haven't done anything illeal with my holds alot of my important information.

    I havn't shared my password with anyone.
    Now i don't know how to get my account back.

  • I cannot pay for marble blast gold on my computer and everytime i tried it does not work.

  • i can not asses my e-mail addres is like that is blocked and my e-mail address is please i wil be very gratefull if you cn reopen it for me

  • My above written e-mail Id, has been removed from the full network of your YAHOO.COM e-mail Service. I request you to please restore it at the earliest. Its Passward was (member). It shouldn't be so in such serious matters. I was using it as a very reliable way for my very important communication to all my required people of this whole world. It is to establish full peace in this full world. My e-mail Id was :

  • Yahoo customer care sucks!!!
    Messenger crash, sand w/yahoo help, had to go to lunch. All supervisors was already out to lunch. So where does that leave one.
    Try fire fox!!! Great. Any problems w/ your pc, Microsoft is cool people, they have been in my system b 4 and have done 3 way calls telling yahoo, no- its you!! Finely after 3 supervise, yahoo fixes the prob!

  • oh i really cant say anything

  • 79/06/04
    Phone number 93755313

    Please can you help me to recharge my voice account. i have tried to reharge but is shows something 25 and that i have to get in contact with customer care. Why can't i use my husbands credit card details? please help me its urgent!

  • sir madam,

    can u send me please my password for in my new yahoo acount
    abdullahlozares because i forgot its change password
    Both acount have same information
    Thank you.

  • can u send me please my password for in my new yahoo acount

  • Dear sir/Madam,
    I am having problem launching my RSS all feeds,
    The below tag comes on most of the time, please help.

    contact Yahoo! Customer Care if the problem persists. [yrestErrParse]

  • I have been trying since Friday, 10/10/2228 to sign into Yahoo mail and I am not able to do so. I put in my ID which is and then I put in my password and the system come back and says one of the items is invalid. I need to get into my email by this morning. Please go in and see what you can do. It is now 0032 hours. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thomas H Smith

  • I have been cheated by a yahoo id customer of getting job offer through consultancy known as wipro groups of india of ID by the name rajkumar. Kindly help me in tracking him.I have lost 3500 ruphees of money

  • Please am a lad boy in rare poverty and looking for assist, looking for assist from any one in the World. I live in Ghana, my name is ROBERT BLEPPONY, ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0600161024731

  • Hello Guys,

    Can Someone help me out here. I have been trying to log into my yahoo searchmarketing account, I keep getting this error message; "An error occurred during login because you have not been granted access to any accounts." All my efforts to contact yahoo failed because they did not reply all the messages I sent to them When I call I am always transfered to endless operators tell me different things. I have wasted almost $10 in call credit alone. I don't know what to do now, after they debited $250 from my credit card. I don't know it all started when I paused my account for two weeks to learn more about affiliate program.

    Please guys I am on my knees I really need to get my account back.


  • DO I contact yahoo customer care?
    i chat and this pop up box tells me to contact them
    fine i will
    but WHERE?!!?!?!?!?!
    i need the email please?

    thank you

  • i would like to talk with a customer care officer

  • Hey guys i am also among you as i also have forgotten my e,mail password. plz guide me some one to recover..

  • Hi All,
    i am using yahoo personal email id past 25 years, and last 3weeks i nerver login in to yahoo, but now a days iam trying to login into yahoo, but i cant able to access my account, kindly any one can help me to provide yahoo customer care email id,


  • how can i recharge voice account from bangladesh, i have no credit card.

  • When large companies gets more client than they can handle, they are almost always rude. Power currepts.

  • I have been a yahoo customer for 10 years, and yahoo keeps asking me to sign in. I can't access my email because yahoo keeps asking me to sign in, and I have checked the box to keep me signed in for 2 weeks, and still yahoo keeps asking me to sign in. I have called and talked to yahoo technical service people, and explained my problem, and they have not solved it, I still can't access my email without signing in.

  • Yahoo is such a joke. I realize that everything can't always be perfect................................................................
    But the reason I am done with Yahoo is because they are never even "kinda good"
    Newspapers aren't dead, because half of the time I can find news faster in the daily newspaper than Yahoo gets it.

  • i have been using my yahoo account for the last 4 years now the day before yesterday they terminated my account stating TOS (terms of services) i have,nt did any thing illegal and i tryed lke searching Mars to conctact on by phone but i have failed please do some one tell me how can i have a conversation with there representative ?

  • I can not get into my email account

  • i was sending my colleagues invitations and circulas to a conference and my message was not sent. reason is suspicious activities detected on my account. my messages are genuine and to people i know. it is not SPAM. please I need to send the rest of the invitations out. thanks

  • Sir/Madam,
    i have recived a mail that i have won a prize of 2,50,0000USD$. plz inform me about that. because i have sent my details to them, and nw i came to know that it was a scam. i am affraid that they can missuse my details. plz do mail me and help me. my mailin id is

  • i am new at using a computer so please help

  • I am unable to inform you of the changed numbers of my credit card to renew my subscription. I am ubable to download "help central" websight to report this.

    Please inform me of proceedure to follow.

  • Yesterday I had the something happenning to my email. I've had my yahoo email for almost 5 yrs, use it daily, have all my contact persons added in my address book, had lots of important emails saved in folders on there, and all of a sudden I have no yahoo email coming anymore. Every time I tried to log in it said Invalid password or ID. I am trying to find out why I can not sign into my account after almost 5 years of service with Yahoo. I have all of my work in Yahoo. I have lost evething. Can you assist me to retrieve my emails back?

  • I forget my password & secreat questions due to that i cant able to access my yahoo id my id is
    Kindly help me out.
    Presently yahoo id is ( Revert back ID )


  • Can anyone help me outwith a email for yahoo customer care as im searchin for it since couple of hours.

  • Face it, Yahoo customer care is inexistent, they think they are above their customers... I hope they file in for chapter 11 (I really do)

  • Yahoo customercare Frustrations

    for last few days am not able to get Yahoo India Customer Care email address

  • who will join me in a class action suit against yahoo in order to get a response from these people and also to stop the illegal seizure of personal information and mail ,there must be some federal laws or should be to prevent yahoo from acting without due process. I am sure yahoo's creditors would be reluctant to support them if their conduct was involving them in a class action suit.stand up together and stop abuse thank-you

  • Tell everybody you know how bad Yahoo is and to give gmail a try because if you don't you can lose YEARS of contacts and info without any recourse. YAHOO IS LAME AND HAVE LOST THEIR RESPECT FOR CUSTOMERS. Please help us send Yahoo to Chapter 11

  • my account has become invalid. what can i do without opening a new 1.

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