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Some useful links for ASP.Net MVC by Karlapudi

Here are some links that contains more useful information on ASP.Net MVC. ASP.NET MVC Preview 3 Release This links contains highlevel chnages in MVC preview 3 release and also link to source code at codeplex. Inversion of Control, ASP.NET MVC and Unit...

Custom CAPTCHA Image Action Result for ASP.NET MVC by Karlapudi

In this post you will see how to create CAPTCHA style image using ActionResult object introduced in April ASP.Net source refresh at code plex Create CAPTCHAImageActionResult to render generated image with random text Here is the code of custom action...

Latest interim release of ASP.NET MVC source code by Karlapudi

ASP.Net team has published a refresh of source code on code plex with following new features. Action methods on Controllers now by default return an ActionResult instance, instead of void. This ActionResult object indicates the result from an action ...
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