More Whidbey Help comments

A couple more cool Whidbey Help System features that I just ran across:

  • Help favorites are no longer just IE favorites, mixed in with your regular IE favorites. THANK GOODNESS. I've always hated that - maybe I'll start using help favorites again. Folders/subgroupings would make it even more useful
  • It looks like the help system will support saved searches, which is very cool. I haven't found a way to actually create a saved search yet, but some day...



  • Kevin,

    The VS 2005 Help system absolutely supports saved Help searches. In fact, they can be exported as saved user settings and moved to other machines or sent to other users too.

    What version of Visual Studio 2005 are you running? If it is the latest Community Tech Preview we gave out at TechEd last week (May CTP), there is a toolbar button that will save your search.

    What would your preference be for an easier way to save searches? I'm the PM on this feature area and would definitely like to hear your thoughts on what we should do here...

    Scott Swanson

    Visual Studio Help/Community Team

  • Scott,

    Thanks for the response. Saurabh's response blog posting (see the first comment to this post) nails the issue - the method to save a search isn't very discoverable. His idea of putting a "Save Search" button on the search panel sounds like just the right solution.


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