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  • The case of the missing Business Intelligence Studio

    One of my co-workers was struggling with a strange problem recently - he installed SQL Server 2005 (with Analysis Services 2005), but the Business Intelligence Studio application didn't install. If you haven't seen it, BI Studio is really just a special version of the Visual Studio 2005 IDE, with Analysis Services-specific projects and editors. What he saw was that even though the SQL Server installer claimed to have installed it, and even created a shortcut for it, the actual devenv.exe executable wasn't installed (the shortcut pointed to an invalid path). I'd installed SQL Server many a time, and never seen this problem. A search of the MSDN forums turned up this helpful topic, with the following advice from 'softie Dan Jones:

  • MSDE not supported on Vista? Yikes!

    Whoah. According to this post, MSDE won’t be supported on Windows Vista. This is the first I’ve heard of this, and I have to say it’s pretty surprising. One of my company’s products depends on MSDE – it’s disappointing to think that it won’t be Vista compatible without a pretty major change.