Archives / 2003 / September
  • The Magic is gone

    Well, it happened. The DotNetMagic UI library went commercial. Very sad, as the "free tool" community really needs something like this. Fortunately, the free last version will continue to be available, it just won't be enhanced.

  • Fanless PC

    I just ran across this article about a new fanless PC. After several years running a mega-tower with 2 10K SCSI drives that sound roughly akin to an F-14 taking off from an aircraft carrier, this speaks to me. I'm seriously interested in my next home PC being quiet.

  • Transparent image generation

    Sometimes you run into a task that should be easy but ends up being hard. Today I hit a big one. I was trying to dynamically generate an image with a transparent background that could be displayed in a web browser using GDI+ in the .NET framework. I was working with GIFs, since I had read previously that IE doesn't support transparent PNGs (unless you use the filter hack). 

  • New version of Process Explorer

    The Sysinternals folks have released version 7 of Process Explorer. It's wicked cool. The new thread view (with call stacks and debug symbols) is unbelievably awesome. I can't imagine my life as a developer without the tools those folks provide, and they've done it again.