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  • First thoughts on MSAjax (Atlas) Beta 1

    I spent a little time this morning looking over documentation for the new MSAjax Beta 1 bits. Although it's great to see the product moving forward toward release, my first reaction is a bit of disappointment.

  • Sometimes, Apple gets it exactly right

    Recently, my wife and I replaced our antiquated cell phones with snazzy new Motorola RAZR phones. Not overjoyed by the thought of manually reentering all of our phone numbers, we were hoping to simply copy the numbers from our respective computers to the phones (not ALL of our contacts phone numbers, of course, just the select few that merit being on the cell).

  • MSN Groups for Windows Live Writer support

    My last couple of blog posts have been written using the excellent Windows Live Writer tool. It's a fantastic blogging tool. I wanted to send a suggestion or two to the WLW team, so I clicked the Send Feedback menu item. That takes you to an MSN group that's as close to an official support channel as there is.

  • Microsoft Atlas - should I be worried?

    For some time, I've been following the Atlas framework (now ASP.NET Ajax) with great interest. The ASP.NET team has proven to be one of the most agile at Microsoft lately, and with Atlas it seemed that they were continuing that trend. Regular CTP drops were being released, the open source-y goodness of the Atlas Control Toolkit was announced, and things seemed to be moving along well.