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  • MIX10 Big Announcements Speculation

    What’s your speculation on the big announcements to come from MIX10? A date for VS 2010 availability on MSDN? A release candidate for Silverlight 4 on the desktop? An SDK for Silverlight on Windows Mobile 7? A CTP of Internet Explorer 9? Something (anything!) new on Windows Live ID development? More JQuery in ASP.NET?


  • Predictions for MIX 09 Announcements

    Everybody is heading to MIX 09 except me! Poor me. I'm working on a nice ASP.NET 3.5 contract.

    Microsoft always saves/targets release announcements for big events. As a Microsoft-owned conference MIX warrants major releases.

    Here are my predictions on what products Microsoft will unveil:

    Internet Explorer 8 release
    ASP.NET MVC 1.0 release
    Visual Studio 2010 ctp or beta
    ASP.NET 4.0 beta
    Silverlight 3 ctp

    I certainly hope we see some decent tooling support for the Silverlight GUI in VS 2010.

    What else? Maybe some new community controls for existing products and betas for the Expression suite? What have I missed? What leftovers will DevConnections get on March 22nd?