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  • Generating PDFs in ASP.NET Pages – PDF Duo .Net

    In my current contract, I need to generate database-driven PDFs on the fly. I’ve done the first prototypes with my copy of Aspose.Pdf for .NET*. It’s an enterprise-ready, robust, and extremely functional component with a rich API, XML content input, good documentation and professional support. However, at $1797 for the Developer OEM Subscription (the required license for software-as-a-service apps), my client asked me to look at less-expensive options.

  • Sumatra PDF Viewer for .NET?

    I see there's a new version of Sumatra, Krzysztof Kowalczyk's open source PDF Viewer for Windows. It's an incredible accomplishment, and a great example of the value of open source software. The guy must be putting mega-hours into this - and giving it all way for free.