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  • Need an iPod-like Menu for ASP.NET Pages

    Do any of the ASP.NET component vendors have a treeview or menu control that emulates the look and feel of the iPod menu? Has anyone out there built one?

    I have a client who would like to save space by letting users drill down deep to their data without the need for an ever-widening treeview.

    The picture below (linked to Apple's site) shows the idea... except that each screen replaces the one before - there's no cascading.


  • What's In a Name? A Lot in the Aspose Suite!

    Aspose is one of the major component vendors, and famous for creating controls that read and write files in the formats of the Microsoft Office suite. I downloaded the Aspose.Total bundle today and noticed something odd. I didn't recognize the names of the individual products. I recalled mentioning Aspose products in an article a few years ago with names like Aspose.Word, Aspose.Excel and so on. A quick search turned up a review of Aspose.Excel by my MVP colleague Steve C. Orr.

    Gosh, I've been out of the loop! The products in the suite now carry the names Aspose.Cells (Excel), Aspose.Slides (PowerPoint), Aspose.Tasks (Project), and Aspose.Words (Word). When did this happen? I found a reference on the Aspose site to updating references in Visual Studio dating back over two years ago.

    I have no knowledge of what went on, but my first suspects would be Microsoft's ever-friendly "Internet investigators". These are the legal-beagle sharp-shooters who once went after an MVP because he dared to update and distribute Microsoft's browscap.ini file (used to detect browsers in ASP Classic).

    What's in a name? that which we call Aspose
    By any other name would sell a suite.

    (Sorry about the preceding. I just couldn't resist. Anyway, Aspose makes fine .NET components.)