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Solving a Mystery About 'BC30205: End of statement expected' by Ken Cox [MVP]

A reader of my book ran into the strangest problem that had me going around in circles. He was working through one of the ASP.NET 3.5 examples in Visual Web Developer 2008 and was getting weird errors like these: error BC30205: End of statement expected...
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Doing CRUD Operations in Silverlight 2 Against ADO.NET Data Services by Ken Cox [MVP]

Many of us have been struggling to create business-oriented (LOB) forms using Silverlight 2 and ADO.NET Data Services. There are plenty of community samples on reading data, but a dearth of real-world content on creating and updating records. The Silverlight...

DevTeach Montreal: Family Atmosphere, Top Speakers, Lots of Freebies by Ken Cox [MVP]

Techie conferences have different styles, and one of my favourites is DevTeach . Run by my MVP colleague Jean-Rene Roy ("JR"), DevTeach has a welcoming, family atmosphere. DevTeach Montreal (from December 1-5) is professionally-run and offers top-notch...
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