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EULAs are Fun. Mock Them Mercilessly! by Ken Cox [MVP]

In my previous post about the new, free Telerik JustDecompile beta , I made fun of the license terms that specifically forbade you from decompiling their decompiler. As you might expect, this was a copy and paste oversight and has been fixed in the latest...

Telerik’s Free Decompiler: Just Don’t Decompile It!* by Ken Cox [MVP]

Telerik has released a beta version of its new ‘always free’ .NET decompiler, JustDecompile . These guys really know their marketing and community support. (Redgate recently disappointed the community by moving the popular .NET Reflector to a $35 paid...

We Need a Capped Plan for MSDN Azure Benefits by Ken Cox [MVP]

Like many developers, I’d like to play more with Windows Azure.  Microsoft recently improved the MSDN Azure benefits – extending them to MSDN Professional subscribers. The trouble is, the onus is on the subscriber to avoid hefty charges caused by...
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