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A Small World in ASP.NET–NimblePros Acquired by Telerik by Ken Cox [MVP]

A few weeks ago, fellow ASPInsider Steve Smith of NimblePros passed a client to me. It’s a part-time “tweaks and maintenance” gig for a small startup. I was quite happy to take this on. I’m mostly retired and no longer work fulltime but still want to...

CSS Float: Visual Studio 11 Beta Still No Help by Ken Cox [MVP]

Despite great strides in ASP.NET Design View, CSS float remains problematic for Visual Studio. A simple two column CSS float can be unintelligible at design time. You often have to scroll way to the right just to see where it went. Sometimes I think I...
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Not Happy With the Monochrome Visual Studio 11 Beta UI by Ken Cox [MVP]

I can’t wait for a third-party to come out with tools to return some colour to the flat, monochrome look of Visual Studio 11 (beta). What bugs me most are the icons. I feel like a newbie when I have to squint and analyze the shape of icons on the debugging...
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