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VSTO is Free But Aspose is Speed by Ken Cox [MVP]

I’ve taken over the completion, deployment, and maintenance of an ASP.NET Web site that generates Office documents using VSTO . VSTO’s a decent concept and works fine for small-scale scenarios like a desktop app or small intranet. However, with multiple...
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‘By Design’? BindingFailure - An assembly failed to load while using XMLSerialization by Ken Cox [MVP]

Here’s an issue that cost me several hours and I suspect that there’s something in Visual Studio 2010 – and the size of my solution – that’s to blame. I was quite happily working in the MsmqToWcf example of the WF_WCF_Samples to learn about MSMQ. So far...

Visual Studio 11 UI Update - Improvements in RC by Ken Cox [MVP]

I see by the Visual Studio Blog that Microsoft has backed out the worst of the darkness in the default Visual Studio 11 interface. Many of the ALL CAPS headings are gone and they’ve even added some colour to the previously monochrome icons. This is certainly...
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