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We Need a Capped Plan for MSDN Azure Benefits by Ken Cox [MVP]

Like many developers, I’d like to play more with Windows Azure.  Microsoft recently improved the MSDN Azure benefits – extending them to MSDN Professional subscribers. The trouble is, the onus is on the subscriber to avoid hefty charges caused by...

Animation on MSDN Web Pages? No Thanks by Ken Cox [MVP]

I may be fighting a losing battle against the Silverlight/Flash animation gurus. The Visual Basic Developer site on MSDN is showing off a preview of its proposed redesign . One of the “features” is a flashing, fading, distracting, and very annoying animation...

Soma, Scottgu, and I Are on the Same Page! by Ken Cox [MVP]

Ah yes, S. Somasegar, Scott Guthrie and Ken Cox. What an influential trio! It's kind of a geeky rat pack. We definitely run in the same circles... the MSDN Home page where my MVP profile is part of the current random display cycle. Just in case I disappear...
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